CSTT was founded in 1998 and and has become one Affiliated Society of international Society for Trenchless Technology. Now, CSTT is subject to Beijing Exploration Engineering Institute, Ministry of Land and Resources, RPC. CSTT is the unique society of introducing and expanding trenchless technology in the whole nation. We have founded some provincial Society for Trenchless Technology in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province. Our objectives and activities are:
-- To contact companies and technicians of engaging in trenchless technology, pipeline engineering and environment engineering, and organize all kinds of activities for technology exchange, academic research and information share.
-- To research the system and development strategy of trenchless technology, and demonstrate the important project of trenchless technology, then recommend to relevant department to set up the project.
-- To formulate the criteria of trenchless technology, and assist government to qualify the certification of the construction companies.
-- To develop information resources, and provide technical consultation and services. -- To publish the comprehensive magazine, CHINA TRENNCHLESS TECHNOLOGY.
-- To promote the education, training, study and research in trenchless technology.
-- To sponsor international and national trenchless events (conferences and exhibition), technical visits and field demonstration.
In 2008, CSTT has more than 200 company members and 15 individual members. From 1996, CSTT has organized annual exhibition and seminar of trenchless technology. From 2000, CSTT has promoted five trainings in Horizontal Directional Drilling and special seminar to educate the technicians for trenchless technology.